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June 2014

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A living wall, which is an arrangement of plants on a vertical wall, is a garden design trend that is enjoying a good deal of popularity right now – both inside and outside.  Also known as green walls, vertical gardens, wall gardens, and eco-walls; a living wall can be large or small and serve both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Urban dwellers find that adding a little greenery to their indoor spaces softens hard edges, dampens the sounds of city life, and brings a playful element into the home.  Outside, a vertical garden can make a great privacy screen, create intimate spaces, soften fence lines, or provide a creative gardening opportunity to a small patio or terrace.  Urban planners are even getting in on the living wall action, as studies have

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When you see a low-slung, Modernist home with exposed post-and-beam construction, concrete slabs with radiant floor heat, and walls of glass opening to the outside, it might be an Eichler.  Then again, maybe it isn’t.  Although we associate the easy, open plan, indoor/outdoor style with Joseph Eichler, Roger Lee was another Mid-Century builder/architect who shared Eichler’s affinity for well-designed homes built for middle class people.

Like Eichler, Roger Lee built spec homes during the building boom after WWII.  Eichler and Lee shared the modernist tradition and the notion that homes should be affordable, stylish, and functional.  While Joseph Eichler built thousands of homes, however, Roger Lee built on a much smaller scale, designing 100+ homes in

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June is the traditional month for weddings.  I love going to weddings – and I love shopping for wedding presents.  Most wedding couples do have at least one wedding registry list - and you can’t go wrong if you shop from it.  However, sometimes I feel like being creative and want to stray from the beaten path just a little, particularly if I know the recipients well.  With that in mind, I’ve put together a few contemporary gift ideas that would be thoughtful wedding gifts.

One of my favorite design brands is iittala.  Elegant Finnish design is present in each and every piece they produce from delicate glassware to functional ovenware.

Iittala's contemporary take on the traditional cast iron pot is sure to be a welcome gift for anyone who enjoys

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If you are looking for some inspiration for modern living, Dwell on Design LA is the place to go.  Although tickets for this weekend’s East Side Modern Home Tour are sold out, it’s not too late to register for tickets to the big expo happening June 20–22, 2014 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Described as America’s largest design event, Dwell on Design LA promises to be a three day fun-fest with hundreds of exhibitors and speakers offering inspiration, continuing education, and free design consultations.  Check out kitchen and bath design ideas featuring exhibits from industry leaders.  See the latest and greatest in home décor, contemporary architecture, and outdoor living and landscaping. And you won’t want to miss Dwell’s first ever pop-up

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As part of my thoughts on selling your Eichler - from finding the right agent to setting the scene for a successful sale - I realized that a factor you’ll need to face is that “honey-do” list that most of us have.  While you may want to avoid making pricey upgrades to the house, there are a few things you should consider when deciding what to fix and what can be left alone when getting your Eichler home up and running for a successful sale.

  • Your property should look well maintained.  First impressions really do matter.  Leaky faucets, sagging screens, unkempt lawns, and dirty walls are immediate turn-offs.  They need to be fixed.
  • Do you need an expensive overhaul to make your home competitive in your local real estate market?  If some remodeling is
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June promises to be an exciting month for Modernists in SoCal, with lots to see and do – complements of Dwell magazine.  The fun begins this Friday, June 13, 2014 with Meet the Architects Night at the Ace Hotel (which is, in-and-of-itself, worth visiting) in downtown Los Angeles.   Participants will have the opportunity to enjoy cocktails and appetizers as they meet the architects who designed the homes that are featured on the 2014 Los Angeles Modern Home Tours.

Next, bright and early Saturday (June 14) morning, the self-drive tour of LA’s West Side begins, featuring five stunning contemporary homes in Santa Monica and Venice.  Suspended, glass-walled stairways; zero-energy homes; open floor plans; and integration between interior and exterior spaces

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After you have discussed pricing and signed a listing agreement, one of the first things your Eichler realtor is likely to suggest is staging, which is really just a fancy term for getting your home in tip-top shape. The goal is to highlight your home’s best features and appeal to a broad spectrum of potential buyers.  Your realtor may even bring in a professional stager to help with the process.

When getting your home ready for show, a few things are obvious:

  • Declutter.  All clutter must go - even if you must use offsite storage.  While being surrounded by your things might be your style, it won’t appeal to everyone.  Being free of your personal items will help buyers envision putting their own stamp on the home.
  • Clean your home.  And keep it
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