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January 2015

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I’ve got to ask the question.  When is an Eichler not an Eichler?  Technically, I guess I’ve always assumed that only a home built by Mid-Century developer Joseph Eichler could call itself an Eichler.  So…  What should we call the new home that has just been built and is up for sale in SoCal?

Tagged as a Desert Eichler Home, the home at 800 E Bogert Trail is being constructed using a licensed Claude Oakland/Joseph Eichler floor plan.  This new, 21st Century, A-Frame Eichler comes complete with an atrium – and certainly bears a great resemblance to an original Eichler.  It features post-and-beam construction, walnut paneling, expansive windows, open design, and the aforementioned atrium.  What has changed are the amenities.  The “new” Eichler has been

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With Super Bowl XLIX just a week away, it’s time to plan that Super Bowl Party, MCM style.  Back in the 1950s and ‘60s, Jello molds, cheese filled celery sticks, and tuna casserole ruled the culinary scene.  While I think I’ll pass on those, there are plenty of other party ideas that can channel the Mid-Century vibe and make your Super Bowl party an event to remember.

Back in the day, the bar cart was an integral part of any party.  If beer is the centerpiece of your party drinks, replace the cocktail shaker with a couple of extra ice buckets and keep them stocked with a variety of beers (and maybe a couple of non-alcoholic drinks as well).  Be sure to keep a couple of bottle openers handy.

Even with my 21st century palate, I still find some of the

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Do you love to take photos?  Like to write? Want to make a little money?  Live in a uniquely interesting home or know someone who does?  Are you the kind of person that enjoys design and would love to meet like-minded folks?   If any (or all) of the aforementioned are true, might be looking for you. Houzz has just put the word out that they are looking for contributors to their online design community’s My Houzz series.

Houzz is looking for ideas from all over the country, with all sorts of budgets and sensibilities.  Contributors are responsible for finding homes to feature, so put on your thinking cap and make a plan.  Once you have the juices flowing, email Houzz with the following info:

  • Your contact information
  • Brief essay (300
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I was saddened to read Dave Weinstein’s most recent Eichler Network blog detailing the loss of an amazing, one of a kind home in Atherton CA.  Dubbed “the house with a floating roof” by the San Francisco Chronicle, the Atherton home was designed for developer Elmer Gavello by two of Joseph Eichler’s favorite architects, Bob Anshen and Steve Allen.

Built in 1957, the Gavello house had a unique star shaped roof, sleek lines, high ceilings, and lots of glass giving the home a spacious open feeling – in the best tradition of the Mid-Century California Modern style.  Apparently homeowners today find that the Mid-Century design doesn’t meet their modern needs, and the sale of the Gavello house proves the old real estate axiom, location – location -

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If you are even thinking about purchasing an Eichler home in Marin County be sure to sign up for Buying An Eichler Home In Marin County, a workshop specifically designed for prospective Eichler homebuyers in Marin. 

Marin Modern Real Estate is hosting this unique event that will feature guest speakers Renee Adelmann (that’s me…) and Mortgage Advisor Nicholas Ballard.  The topics we plan to cover will include:

  • Inside information about the Eichler neighborhoods in Marin – including historical and current pricing trends
  • Tips for living in an Eichler
  • Keys for success in writing a competitive offer
  • What to expect when buying an Eichler home in Marin, including the inspection process
  • Financing options

Seating for this free event is limited,

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The other day I noticed that a few of my favorite sites posted their top stories/posts for 2014 and that got me to wondering about what my most popular blogs were, so I went back and took a look.  By far-and-away, the write up I did in April on the New Mid-Century Modernism Exhibition in San Francisco featuring an exhibit at San Francisco’s Contemporary Jewish Museum took first place with well over 9000 hits.  A couple more well read pieces (also, coincidentally, written in April) were a short blog on the inspiration that Eichler found through his experience living in the Bazett House in Hillsborough CA, a little piece I did on neighborhood garage sales, and my thoughts on “reinvented” Eichlers.

It would seem that Eichler and MCM enthusiasts also like

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One of the strategies suggested for preserving the character of Mid-Century and other older neighborhoods is to gain a spot on the historic registry or convince the city to create an overlay zone. Several Eichler communities, namely Green Meadow and Green Gables in Palo Alto, have been successful in gaining historic recognition.  City designated overlay zones or guidelines protect others, including Palo Alto’s Triple El Eichler neighborhood, several Eichler communities in Sunnyvale, and Balboa Highlands in Granada Hills.  While these designations and ordinances are usually welcome by most homeowners, (not only do they help protect the character of the neighborhood, but they also often bring a break in property taxes) not everyone is necessarily on board. 

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I actually (mostly) like this time of year.  The holidays are over; they were fun but oh, so busy.  Now is the quiet time – which I totally appreciate.  That being said, the long nights and winter gloom can get to be a bit much.  I’ve got a few suggestions to help brighten up the winter doldrums.

  • Break out the mop and dust rag.  Clean the floors, dust the furniture, plump up the cushions on the sofa.  It’s a fact that things feel better when the house is clean.
  • Take a walk.  Getting out into the open air for 15-30 minutes every day is a mood-booster.  Mom was right - there is something to be said for a little sunlight and fresh air.
  • Cuddle up.  Thanks to my sister, our home has a few new cozy blankets.  Snuggle up with a blanket and a movie or
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