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A Green Eichler Remodel

Posted by Renee & Barry Adelmann,Eichler for Sale Team on Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 at 8:00am.

I think that the remodel of a 1969, Claude Oakland Eichler in Monte Sereno, CA is an amazing example of what vision, perseverance, and $$$ can accomplish.  Love it or not, you’ve got to admire the creativity and thought that is going into this amazing renovation.  Not only is the homeowner doubling the living space, but it is all being done with mindfulness to the Eichler aesthetic and determination to be a Green Eichler project.

Needing more space for their growing family, the homeowners expanded downward – adding a basement-level space instead of the usual (and not always popular) second story above ground.  While they were at it, they included elements designed to reduce the impact the home would have on the environment with the aim to obtain LEED for Homes Platinum certification.

While there are those that might argue the remodel shouldn’t be called an Eichler as, technically, only Joseph Eichler could build an Eichler; the spirit of the Eichler vision remains intact and the home is being very deftly brought into the twenty-first century.

The Monte Sereno Green Eichler remodel is still a work in progress.  Currently the owners are working their way through the heating and cooling system.  I, for one, will be watching the project with great interest and wish them well on their very ambitious enterprise.

                                                                                                                          Photo:  Mekechuk/Jrider-Design

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