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A LIttle Free Library Is A Great Get-To-Know Your Neighbors Project!

Posted by Renee Adelmann on Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 at 8:30am.

One of the things I love about Eichler subdivisions is the sense of community that is prevalent in so many of them.  Many have swim teams, community events, block parties, and neighborhood garage sales.  Earlier this month I read a blog by Dave Weinstein (The CA Modernist) about a new project in Greenridge, an Eichler development in Castro Valley, that is a perfect example of neighborliness. 

Greenridge has always been a friendly neighborhood, with a Mid-Century sense of community.  Recently, Greenridge joined the Little Free Library association and now sports a community library housed in a mini-Eichler.  By mini, I do mean mini – the little Eichler is not much larger than a mailbox.  Check out the details in Dave Weinstein's blog.  I love the idea.  A little free library lends itself perfectly to our friendly Eichler neighborhoods - and it seems like part of the fun would be creating the tiny little Eichler home for the books!

The Little Free Library idea is straighforward:  Take A Book - Return A Book.  It is a place where neighbors can gather to share their love of reading by leaving one of their favorite volumes in exchange for another that they take home to read.  It is such a simple concept – and loads of fun for kids and adults alike.  If you are interested in starting a little library in your neighborhood, Eichler or otherwise, visit Little Free Library for details of how to get started and put your neighborhood on the literary map!

The accompanying photo was taken by The CA Modernist – Dave Weinstein.

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