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Dress Up Your Eichler Landscape With A Living Wall

A living wall, which is an arrangement of plants on a vertical wall, is a garden design trend that is enjoying a good deal of popularity right now – both inside and outside.  Also known as green walls, vertical gardens, wall gardens, and eco-walls; a living wall can be large or small and serve both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Urban dwellers find that adding a little greenery to their indoor spaces softens hard edges, dampens the sounds of city life, and brings a playful element into the home.  Outside, a vertical garden can make a great privacy screen, create intimate spaces, soften fence lines, or provide a creative gardening opportunity to a small patio or terrace.  Urban planners are even getting in on the living wall action, as studies have shown that green walls help to purify the air and mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect.

I’m excited that my long awaited living wall was installed last weekend.  My Eichler home has a wonderful outdoor kitchen, which is now partially enclosed by our new wall of green. I love the combination of textures and shades of green – which look fabulous from both inside the house and outside.  Although I had my wall professionally installed, putting in a vertical garden can be a DIY project ranging from starting from scratch to purchasing a living wall kit that comes complete with structural and irrigation components.

For more tips on landscaping your Eichler home, check out our landscaping photo gallery.  It is full of creative ideas that will help beautify your yard.

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