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Holiday Planning Tips

Even though I love the holidays, they can be pretty stressful, so I like to get ahead of the curve in early November – then sit back and enjoy the fun when Thanksgiving and Christmas arrive.  I’ve got a little To-Do List that is short, but sure helps get things done – and means that the holidays are just a little less stressful around our household.

  • Schedule a pre-holiday cleaning.  I love for the house to look its best for holiday gatherings.  Getting the windows washed and everything deep cleaned really helps make that happen.
  • Plan menus.  I like to get the main menus taken care of early.  While I’m at it, I take stock of what I have in the cupboards and fridge and clear out the old stuff as well as checking for staples I’m running low on.
  • Cook ahead.  Once I’ve planned the menus, I can prepare a few things and put them in the freezer – which really helps when it’s crunch time!
  • Order holiday cards.  Getting your cards and updating your contact list in early November makes things a lot easier next month when it is time to get them addressed and sent.    
  • Shop early.  I really prefer to get the basic shopping done earlier, whether in be online or at the mall.  I suggest wrapping presents as you buy them, although I must admit this suggestion is in my fantasy world.  I’m usually frantically wrapping gifts at the last minute.  Maybe this year I’ll take my own advice!
  • Make decorating fun.  I’ve got to admit that I make it easy on myself and hire someone to do the exterior lighting.  I’m also lucky enough to have 2 homes to decorate.  I stay pretty simple and contemporary with our home decorations; but am more traditional with the cabin.  My sister and I usually make a weekend of decorating the cabin – just the two of us.  We decorate, chat, and enjoy a little wine, relaxation and the holiday spirit.  We have a great time and have created a little magic for the rest of the family.

The most important thing is to enjoy the season with your friends and family.  It is amazing how forgiving they are if things aren’t perfect.  In fact, they don’t even care!  What everyone really wants is to spend time together and be happy!

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