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Loving The Eichler Atrium Lifestyle

I love a lot of things about my Eichler, but I must admit that one of the things I love the most is the atrium.  Its lack of commitment (is it an indoor space or an outdoor room?) makes it versatile and fun.  Glass walls and open sky bring the outside in, making rooms feel spacious and flooding the house with light; and the extra space the atrium provides is a godsend when I have a party and guests can spill out into the atrium.

I also love that the Eichler atrium or courtyard is a blank canvas, and thinking outside the box in determining how to use the space is encouraged.  My atrium is pretty minimalist, which suits my style.  We’ve outfitted it with a couple of Mid-Century Modern concrete loop chairs, a shade sail, and some simple plantings (including a Japanese maple which is spotlighted after dark) – and our Eichler atrium is good to go 24/7.  The kids use it as a play space, guests mingle, and we all enjoy the visual element it brings into the house.

In my travels through Eichlerdom, I’ve seen many interesting ideas and uses for the atrium.  Many Eichler homeowners furnish the atrium with weather resistant furniture and use it as an indoor/outdoor family room or dining space.  An atrium also makes a great party room, yoga space, or protected outdoor “camping” spot for the kids to have an overnight.  I even heard someone suggest that it would be a great place for a garden!  I haven’t tried that one, but it is an interesting concept.

If you are looking for some creative ideas to dress up the atrium or courtyard in your Eichler home, take a look at our idea gallery.  It is chock-full of some great photos that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.  I’d also love to see pictures of what you have done with your Eichler atrium.  If you have photos you would like to share with fellow Eichler enthusiasts, please email them to us at Team@EichlerForSale.com.

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