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Selling Your Eichler: Fix It Or Not?

As part of my thoughts on selling your Eichler - from finding the right agent to setting the scene for a successful sale - I realized that a factor you’ll need to face is that “honey-do” list that most of us have.  While you may want to avoid making pricey upgrades to the house, there are a few things you should consider when deciding what to fix and what can be left alone when getting your Eichler home up and running for a successful sale.

  • Your property should look well maintained.  First impressions really do matter.  Leaky faucets, sagging screens, unkempt lawns, and dirty walls are immediate turn-offs.  They need to be fixed.
  • Do you need an expensive overhaul to make your home competitive in your local real estate market?  If some remodeling is in order, but you aren’t ready to invest the big bucks, you might consider a quick fix.  New appliances don’t necessarily need to be top-of-the-line, but provide a contemporary look to a dated kitchen.  A coat of paint, new bathroom and lighting fixtures, and fresh carpeting can give your home a facelift without breaking the bank.  Spending a few dollars on upgrades that help your home stand up to the competition can be a wise investment.
  • Are you willing to lower the price?  If you are facing costly repairs, bear in mind that buyers looking for a fixer are looking for a bargain.  Not only are they facing the actual cost of the repairs – but there is also the hassle factor to be considered.  It may be more cost effective in the long run for you to make the repairs and ask top dollar for your home.  If you decide to leave the repairs for someone else, your Eichler Realtor can help you determine a realistic price point for your home based on comparable fixer-uppers in the neighborhood.  You don’t necessarily need to make big-ticket repairs; but if you don’t, bear in mind that the price you ultimately get when your home sells will probably reflect both the actual cost the buyer will encounter for repairs and their inconvenience.

For inspiration on what you can do to spruce up your Eichler home when you are prepping it for sale, take a look at our Photo Gallery.  It is full of ideas from budget friendly projects to full-blown remodels for every aspect of your home – inside and out.

Preparing your Eichler for sale, from the question of repairs, staging, realistic pricing, and effective marketing is a little bit art and a little bit science.  I’d love to discuss any questions you might have about selling your Eichler home.  For more information, give me a call at 1-415-EICHLER (342-4537) or fill out our handy online contact form and I’ll be in touch.

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