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Seven Great Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

I actually (mostly) like this time of year.  The holidays are over; they were fun but oh, so busy.  Now is the quiet time – which I totally appreciate.  That being said, the long nights and winter gloom can get to be a bit much.  I’ve got a few suggestions to help brighten up the winter doldrums.

  • Break out the mop and dust rag.  Clean the floors, dust the furniture, plump up the cushions on the sofa.  It’s a fact that things feel better when the house is clean.
  • Take a walk.  Getting out into the open air for 15-30 minutes every day is a mood-booster.  Mom was right - there is something to be said for a little sunlight and fresh air.
  • Cuddle up.  Thanks to my sister, our home has a few new cozy blankets.  Snuggle up with a blanket and a movie or good book.
  • Find a new hobby.  Always wanted to learn to knit or throw a pot?  There is no time like the present!
  • Join a group or sign up for a class.  From yoga classes to book clubs, getting out and socializing while sharing with others is a great way to pass the time.
  • Draw a bath.  Bath salts, bubbles, soft music and a glass of wine will cure whatever ails you; and the negative ions created by running water create positive vibes.
  • Give your home a facelift.  A change of scenery can be a real mood modifier; but no one ever said you have to go somewhere to make that happen.  A little scenery adjustment can be within your four walls.  Check out our remodeling photo gallery for a host of ideas that can spruce up your Eichler – and brighten your winter.

Last, but not least, Happy New Year to all!  As we speak, the days are already getting longer and soon Spring will be in the air.

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