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Standout Landscaping For Your Eichler Home

Posted by Renee & Barry Adelmann,Eichler for Sale Team on Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 at 7:04am.

In our March newsletter, I mentioned a few of my favorite Bay Area finds for landscaping inspiration and unusual plants.  Just in case you aren’t signed up for our monthly message I decided to rebroadcast some the info on my blog.  I love these businesses – and think they are well worth another mention.

Your first stop could actually be our website here at Eichler For Sale.  We have a terrific photo gallery of landscaping ideas that offers ideas for back yards and pools as well as seating and patio areas.  We also have a section devoted to atriums and courtyards.  My personal opinion is that an atrium facelift offers great bang for your buck.  Your atrium sets the stage when visitors stop by, and it is something you and your family can enjoy all day long (and, with some creative lighting, in the evening as well).

Many Eichler homeowners go the bonsai route in their backyards.  The minimalistic style pairs well with the Eichler aesthetic.  I recently stumbled across Pond & Garden in Cotati.  They are a full service nursery, specializing in dwarf conifers and Japanese maples, as well as water plants and pond features.  Pond & Garden also carries pond critters, including the most fabulous collection of Japanese koi that I have found anywhere.

Another ‘can’t miss’ location is Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma.  I can spend hours there, wandering through the nine acres of gardens and shops.  Two of my favorite spots there are Artefact Design & Salvage and Potter Green.

When I’m in the city, I try to drop by San Francisco’s Flora Grubb Gardens.  It is my go-to spot for inspiration and unusual plants.  Particularly intriguing is their collection of air plants.  I have several on my patio.  They are stylish looking and have the added bonus of being easy to care for.

Check in with us often for more thoughts on Eichler homeownership, Mid-Century Modern sensibilities, and news about local events.  If you aren’t signed up for our newsletter – and would like to be – drop us a line and we’ll put you on the list.

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