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Last week we visited the exclusive Mill Valley / Strawberry Point Eichler community where the Eichlers are custom or semi-custom homes. Today we’re heading back to San Rafael and touring Terra Linda North.

Of the 1700 homes Joseph Eichler built in Marin County, most of them are in 4 San Rafael neighborhoods – Terra Linda South, Terra Linda North, Upper Lucas Valley, and Marinwood. With 600+ homes, Terra Linda North is the larger of the two Terra Linda tracts.

Most of the Eichlers in Terra Linda North are 3 and 4-bedroom homes designed by Eichler architects Jones & Emmons, Anshen + Allen, and Claude Oakland. Although Joseph Eichler built very few 2-story homes, thirteen 2-story Eichlers can be found in Terra Linda North. Twelve were built in 1962

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When I was a teenager I was an exchange student and lived in a city near Helsinki, Finland. It was a challenging year – and a wonderful one. I was welcomed into my host family as a third daughter. I went to school, learned Finnish ways, and came to the realization that I was strong and independent. I was lucky and had the best host family that anyone could want, but spending an entire year away from the U.S. and all that was familiar was an eye-opener – and probably the best growing experience I could ever ask for. I came to love Finland, my Finnish family, and my Finnish friends. I also came to love the kind of architecture and design that I appreciate so keenly today.

A recent publication by Dwell magazine brought back all these memories. It was

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As a fellow Realtor, Eichler enthusiast and neighbor, I was saddened when Catherine Munson passed away just a little over a year ago. Catherine was an integral part of the allure and history of Eichler homes, beginning in the 1950s when, as an Eichler homeowner, Catherine worked as a hostess for the Eichler sales office in Terra Linda.  She continued, throughout her life, to be a tireless champion of Eichler homes and the Eichler lifestyle.

A few days ago, I was walking through the beautiful hills surrounding the Lucas Valley and came across this plaque honoring Catherine Munson. It reads:

The glorious hills of lucas valley

Horizontal afternoon light casts

Across the ridge as the sun sets

Lush green spring grasses soon

Followed by summer’s

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Eichler homes have received national recognition!  I love that Susan Stamberg did an audio-article on Eichler homes this morning.  I’ve always thought that NPR’s Morning Edition was a pretty good radio show – now I’m sure of it!!

The only homes that Joseph Eichler built outside of California were the three New York Eichlers, so up until now Eichler homes were a pretty well kept California secret.  Stamberg does a great job of showcasing the freedom and artistry of Eichler homes as well as Joseph Eichler’s philosophy.  Give it a listen.  I think you’ll like it!  You can find the story and listen to the broadcast at With Sunny, Modern Homes, Joseph Eichler Built The Suburbs In Style.

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Inspiration is an interesting thing and it can come from anywhere; a chance comment by a friend, a piece of music, or something read about in a book.  Joseph Eichler’s inspiration, which created a lifestyle for thousands of Californians, came from his experience as a tenant living in a Frank Lloyd Wright designed house called the Bazett House.

Built in 1939 for Sidney Bazett, the Usonian Bazett House in Hillsborough CA was home to Eichler during the early 1940s until new owners, Betty and Louis Frank, moved in in 1945.  It was the memory of his time in this home, with its open floor plan, use of natural materials, and light filled spaces that inspired the milk and egg salesman from California to share his love of this style of architecture by producing

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Arthur Dallas (A.D.) Stenger is to Austin, Texas what Joseph Eichler is to California.  Both were developer/builders who brought iconic, affordable Mid-Century design to their hometowns during the post World War II housing boom.  Just as Joseph Eichler defined California Modern architecture, A.D. Stenger brought Mid-Century Modern to Austin.

Recognizing the need to supply affordable housing for returning war veterans, Stenger began purchasing land and building his homes, one-by-one, in several Austin neighborhoods in the 1940s.  Originally, Stenger’s homes were priced with an average of $20,000.  Today, just as Eichler’s homes are in CA, Stenger homes are in demand by MCM enthusiasts and price points often hover in the $400K to $500K range – with a few

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Wow!  I can’t believe we finally have our new website up and running.  The new site has updated info on every Eichler community in the South Bay and Peninsula as well as Eichler neighborhoods in Marin, the East Bay, and San Francisco.  We’ll continue to add resources for Eichler homeowners as we find them – and would love to hear from you about your experiences with remodels, repairs, etc.  Our goal is to make this site a “one stop” experience for Eichler homeowners and prospective buyers, as well as a fun and informative place to visit for anyone interested in Mid-Century Modern style.  Take a look around our new, expanded Eichler For Sale website and let me know what you think!

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