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Last week we visited the exclusive Mill Valley / Strawberry Point Eichler community where the Eichlers are custom or semi-custom homes. Today we’re heading back to San Rafael and touring Terra Linda North.

Of the 1700 homes Joseph Eichler built in Marin County, most of them are in 4 San Rafael neighborhoods – Terra Linda South, Terra Linda North, Upper Lucas Valley, and Marinwood. With 600+ homes, Terra Linda North is the larger of the two Terra Linda tracts.

Most of the Eichlers in Terra Linda North are 3 and 4-bedroom homes designed by Eichler architects Jones & Emmons, Anshen + Allen, and Claude Oakland. Although Joseph Eichler built very few 2-story homes, thirteen 2-story Eichlers can be found in Terra Linda North. Twelve were built in 1962

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In keeping with that old real estate adage, “location, location, location”, I’m starting the New Year off by touring Eichler neighborhoods. I thought it might be a fun project – and helpful to you buyers out there - to take a look at most, if not all, of them. First up, set in the rolling hills of northern Marin, is the Upper Lucas Valley.

The Lucas Valley is home to two Eichler neighborhoods, Marinwood (aka Lower Lucas Valley) and Upper Lucas Valley. Both are located just north of Lucas Valley Road on the outskirts of San Rafael.

The Upper Lucas Valley (ULV) is a community of around 400 Eichler homes that were built in the mid-1960s. The homes, designed by Jones & Emmons and Claude Oakland, are comfortably sized Eichlers, most ranging between

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Many Eichler homeowners take the Mid-Century vibe of their neighborhood for granted, but as time takes its toll on homes – and it inevitably does – renovation, remodels, and complete teardown/rebuilds are affecting many Eichler communities. I guess the best example of that is in Palo Alto, where there has been a good deal of controversy recently, with Eichler residents squaring off with neighbors who want to build 2-story homes that will loom over the single-story, glass-walled Eichlers. Last week the Palo Alto City Council agreed to officially remove the fee for petitioning for neighborhood single-story-overlay zoning.  This should help make the process easier for Eichler homeowners seeking to ban 2-story homes from their neighborhoods. Even with the

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