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Tips For A Successful Neighborhood Garage Sale

I love Eichler neighborhoods where a sense of community and neighborliness prevail.  Block parties and community center events provide a good time for young and old; but this time of year, when the weather is pleasant and people are looking for an excuse to get out and roam, a well-organized neighborhood garage sale can be loads of fun for everyone (as well as help you and your neighbors reduce clutter and maybe even make a little $$).

People love sales where there are plenty of items – which makes the neighborhood concept a winner.  Families with lots of odds and ends to sell can go it alone, while those with just a few bits and pieces can join forces with a neighbor or two to create an enticing display - as well as sharing the labor.  If you’d like to plan a garage sale event for your Eichler neighborhood, here are a few tips to make the occasion successful:

  • Organize a committee.  It’s always nice to have a little help with the details.
  • Decide on a date.  Many garage sales are held over holiday weekends, but if your entire neighborhood is involved, there is power in numbers and your sale is likely to attract lots of interest regardless of whether it is a “traditional” sale weekend.
  • Check city requirements for permits.  Rules vary from city to city.  A few locales require a permit for yard and garage sales. 
  • Invite neighbors to participate.  Several weeks before the sale date send out fliers to let your neighbors know about the sale.  Be sure to include contact information for your and/or the “organizing committee”.
  • Remind the neighbors.  A week or so before the sale send out a reminder via flier or email.
  • Advertise.  Put an ad in the paper, post on social media, hang fliers on local business bulletin boards, and make signs for key locations that will send buyers your way.
  • Remove signs at the end of the sale.  Be sure to collect all the signs that have been posted – including fliers on bulletin boards.
  • Plan for unsold items.  Although not necessary, it would be nice to have volunteers collect any leftovers that neighbors might have and deliver them to a local thrift shop.  Or – box them up and save them for next year’s neighborhood garage sale!
For all of you Eichler, MCM, and/or garage sale enthusiasts in SoCal, the Eichler neighborhoods of Orange have what sounds like a fun series of neighborhood garage sales coming up.  Fairhaven Tract will be on April 12, 2014; Fairmeadow will be on April 26; and Fairhills will be on May 3.  All will start at 8 a.m. and end at 11 a.m. - so you'll want to get there early!

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