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Budgeting for Common Eichler Repairs

All homes require ocassional repairs and maintenance. To help you budget for common Eichler repairs, the following budget guidelines are provided for your convenience.  These estimates are for informational purposes only and are based on feedback from fellow Eichler owners who recently had these repairs completed or received estimates to have the work completed. Please keep in mind that there are many factors that can influence the cost of home improvement projects so you may find that estimates you receive are significantly different than those presented here.   

As you investigate costs and vendors, keep in mind that most contractors (as well as Realtors) have never worked on - or sold - an Eichler home and you really want a specialist who is well versed in both servicing and selling these homes.   Additionally, many contractors who are truly experienced working on Eichler Homes are often busy which can make scheduling a challenge however our Eichler for Sale Team (which is #1 for Eichler Homes Sold since 2007) works with many of these vendors on a weekly basis so we can often assist our clients in getting the experienced service they need, when they need it.

Contact your Eichler for Sale Team Realtor for current Eichler owner recommend vendors that you may want to contact for your home repair and improvement projects.

In addition to general Eichler repairs, don't forget to visit our picture and ideas gallery for renovating or remodeling your Eichler kitchen, Eichler bathroom, Eichler atrium, Eichler flooring, Eichler Lighting, Eichler fence, Eichler landscape, Eichler House Numbers or Eichler interior mahogany paneling.

ProjectsEstimated BudgetHelpful Resources and/or Comments

Boiler Replacement

$8,000 - $10,000

Visit the Eichler Radiant Heating Contractor section of the Eichler Service Directory or contact a member of the Eichler for Sale Team at Bay Area Modern Real Estate for specific recommendations.

Electrical Panel Upgrade 

$4,000 - $6,500

200AMP Panel upgrade. Visit the Eichler Electrical Contractors section of the Eichler Service Directory or contact a member of the Eichler for Sale Team at Bay Area Modern Real Estate for specific electrian recommendations.

Roof Replacement

$19,000 - $27,000 

Upfront & reoccurring maintenance costs can vary greatly depending on the type of roof selected. Visit the Eichler Service Directory to learn more about Eichler homeowner approved roofing vendors. Always inquire about warranty coverage and suggested ongoing maintenance schedules (and pricing) for roofing projects.

Siding Replacement

$18,000 - $24,000

Assumes whole house replacement with Eichler-friendly siding. Installation costs can vary greatly by installer, so be sure to obtain multiple estimates.

Driveway Replacement

$9,000 - $15,000

Assumes demolition and re-pouring of concrete driveway. In the Bay Area, assume cost to be approximately $14 per square foot.

Windows - Safety Film

$4,000 - $7,000

Assumes whole house installation of safety film.  For window cleaning Eichler homes, we recommend Urban Window Wellness.

Windows - Mistlite Panel

$350 - $450 per panel (materials only)

The obscure glass panels which are typically found in he entryway of atrium-model Eichler homes is called Mistlite. This price reflects what you should expect to pay for a typical size, tempered Mistlite panel (materials only; assumes 6 1/2 x 2 3/4 feet panel) For Mistlite vendor recommendations, visit the Eichler Service Provider Directory or or contact a member of the Eichler for Sale Team at Bay Area Modern Real Estate for specific recommendations.

Painting - Exterior

$10,000 - $18,000

Assumes whole house exterior paint project by a licensed painting contractor. Includes prep, prime, minor dry-rot repair, and two coats of paint on all exterior surfaces including: siding, facia, eaves, and trim. Pricing can be highly variable depending on the season, with the most competitive pricing typically available October - April.  Contact a member of the Eichler for Sale Team at Bay Area Modern Real Estate for specific painter recommendations.

Mini-Split Heating & Air Conditioning System

$10,000 - $28,000

Low-profile, ductless mini-split systems (especially those by LG, Mitsubishi and Fujitsu) continue to grow in popularity with Eichler Homeowners.  Cost is highly variable based on whether a single-zone or multi-zone system is installed.   The more zones, the higher the cost - but also the comfort!   Contact a member of our team for specific vendor recommendations.

Contact the Eichler For Sale Team at Bay Area Modern Real Estate

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