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Eichler Door Kit / Escutcheon

If you are restoring your Eichler home and want to maintain its original charm, consider utilizing the Eichler Escutchon door kit instead of a traditional lockset. 

The basic escutcheon designed for the front door of your Eichler, which mimics the original Sargent door set with its familiar 6" diameter escutcheon plate, is based on current Kwiket keyed-entry door hardware. The door kits are available in two different knob choices: cone or globe. Both the knob and the escutcheon plate are provided with a satin chrome finish to match each other.

When utilizing this special door kit, please note that the size of the large escutchon plate typically requires a larger "setback" (the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the door knob or cylinder) than what Eichler Door Kit for the front door of your Eichler house.can be found on a traditional door or predrilled doors available at your local hardware store. This means that the installation of this kit typically requires either an original Eichler door OR a "blank" door that can be drilled to accomodate the larger setback.       

If you would like to purchase an Eichler Escutcheon door kit (and learn more about the installation requirements), please contact Jonathan Jarrett at thinkmat@aol.com  Jonathan is a fellow Eichler owner in Southern California who makes these kits by hand for fellow Eichler entusiasts and mid-century modern homeowners.

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