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Eichler Home Remodeling Ideas Photo Gallery

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Indoor Eichler Remodeling Projects

eichler bathroom  Eichler bedrooms   eichler dining room  eichler flooring
midcentury gym   midcentury modern home office   eichler kitchen  eichler window coverings

Outdoor Eichler Remodeling Projects

eichler atriums   midcentury modern fence   landscaping mid-century modern homes   painting eichlers   pool eichler home

Miscellaneous Eichler Remodeling Projects

eichler Escutcheon   modern house numbers   eichler lighting    

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How Many Eichler Homes Are There

One of the most popular questions we receive from people is "How many Eichler Homes were built?" and that question is often followed up with a question about where they are located. While the exact number of homes built by developer Joseph Eichler ...

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