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Repairing & Restoring an Eichler Home

While all homes require maintenance and repair, certain design elements of Eichler homes necessitate repairs or maintenance that is different than traditional homes. For instance:

  •     Heating an Eichler home is usually accomplished through use of a hydronic radiant heating system (vs. a forced air heating system utilized in most homes). The radiant heating system in most Eichler homes features a boiler and pump that circulates hot water through a complex closed circuit of pipes buried in the home’s concrete slab.
  •     Roofing an Eichler home can present unique challenges since the clean, linear lines of these homes dictated the use of a flat or moderately sloped roofline. Since water tends to pool on flat surfaces, special considerations need to be taken when maintaining or re-roofing an Eichler home.
  •     Siding & Staining (or Painting) an Eichler home is a hot issue that stirs much debate, especially with Eichler “purists” and discerning homebuyers that want original or near-original homes. Original siding is distinctly groved and was stained (not painted), muted earth-tone colors.    
  •     Electrical Systems in Eichler homes can present a unique set of challenges. Original electrical panels were 60-100amps which were adequate for their time but may not necessarily meet a homeowners needs in 2007. Additionally, the lack of an attic, crawl space or basement in Eichler homes can make upgrades or repairs tricky.   

The good news is that all of these Eichler repair 'challenges' can easily be overcome and addressed. The key to success is making sure that you are working with vendors or contractors that are familiar with the nuances of Eichler homes and have a good work history repairing or remodeling Eichler houses in your area.   

For your convenience, this site features an Eichler Service Directory which features companies experienced in Eichler repair and remodeling. You can also find some general information regarding what to budget for common Eichler home repairs.

Last but not least, when it comes time to restore or remodel your Eichler home, don't forget to visit the picture and idea gallery for remodeling an Eichler Home.  This gallery can give you some great inspiration for restoring or renovating your Eichlers exterior (Eichler Landscaping, Eichler Fencing, Eichler Atrium, Eichler House Numbers) as well as the interior (Eichler Lighting, Eichler Flooring, Eichler Interior Wall Paneling, Eichler Kitchens, Eichler Bathrooms, Eichler Window Treatments).

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