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Eichler Homes In New York

In 1962 Joseph Eichler took his vision for modern living to the East Coast where he purchased 140 acres of land in Rockland County, New York. His intent was to create a 216-home subdivision of Eichler homes, much as he had done in California. Although the project was not profitable and Eichler withdrew after building only three homes, what he left behind were the only Eichler homes ever constructed outside of California.

The three New York Eichlers are located in the small village of Chestnut Ridge, about 45 minutes from New York City and were designed by architects Claude Oakland and Jones & Emmons. Two have atriums – a floor plan that had proved to be popular in California – and the third is a courtyard model. All have the flat roofs, patios and indoor/outdoor spaces that are connected by large expanses of glass. Today, the Eichlers of New York are still there, situated on wooded lots and surrounded by other, slightly more conventional, Mid-Century homes.

All but three of the approximately 11,000 homes that Joseph Eichler built over the course of his career as a real estate developer were in California. These three “out of state” New York Eichlers remain as special and unique today as they were more than five decades ago when they were first built.