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Walnut Creek Eichler Homes

Most of the 375+ Eichler homes in the East Bay city of Walnut Creek are found in Rancho San Miguel.  Built between 1955 and 1958, Rancho San Miguel was one of the first housing tracts developed in Walnut Creek and was Joseph Eichler’s first major project in the East Bay.  Rancho San Miguel is located south of Ygnacio Valley Road, between the Contra Costa Canal Trail and San Antonio Drive.

A variety of Eichler styles are represented in Rancho San Miguel, including both low-pitched roofs and flat top models and the popular atrium design that was first introduced in 1957.  Many of these Walnut Creek Eichler homes have been modernized to include air conditioning while maintaining the essence of Eichler’s iconic California modern look.

As a note of interest:  Rancho San Miguel is home to a unique mini Eichler.  Only 487 square feet, this little bit of Eichler history was originally used by Joseph Eichler as a sales showroom.  It was later purchased and moved to a Rancho San Miguel resident’s backyard where it was used as an office and later converted into a small rental.

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